Meet the committee


club chairman - Mike Zollo

I joined STC in late 2010 having completed my first tri that summer and wanting to see how I could take the sport more seriously! After racing my first middle distance race in 2011 I stepped up to Ironman Wales in 2012, finishing in 12hr15. I joined the STC team at Ironman Switzerland in 2013 before being defeated by Inferno Triathlon in the Alps. I joined the STC Committee in 2013 and have graduated to the role of Chairman, being supported by a great new committee. I maintain much love for the sport and enjoy racing Tri as well as the multitude of local Time Trials when I can. I'm not done with long distance Tri and I will have the last laugh at the Inferno race.


club secretary - donna lovelock

Donna first started triathlon in 2012 and hasn't looked back since. She's raced locally at various different distances and has now discovered a love for full iron distance in hot places. Donna's main aim is to keep training and racing fun, sociable and an excuse to eat lots of cake.

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Club Secretary - Sue 0’Dowd

As a challenge for her 50th year Sue took part in her first triathlon…Ironman Zurich…and was hooked. She joined STC the following year so that she could train with others. Now she takes part mainly in Middle Distance, next race Majorca 70.3 in May 2017. Tuesday Turbo (winter training) is researched and set by Sue, so come along and try turbo out.


Club Treasurer - Claire Cooke

I started running about 4 years ago having never run properly in my life.  I joined a running club for support and someone to run with.  I loved to run and lost a fair amount of weight in the process.
My husband had joined Southampton Triathlon a few years previously to me running and had tried to encourage me to join as he felt I would enjoy it to. Eventually I joined and have loved learning how to have a better swim technique and partake in turbo and track sessions.
I am not one of the competitive ones in the club but I have completed a few races and attended the club championships.  My main competition is myself and I do this to be fit and healthy. Also if you cannot beat them join them as they say.

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Welfare Officer - Jenny Lawrie

I started triathlon after the Brownlee brothers and the London Olympics inspired me. I have regularly attended STC swimming sessions ever since and feel that my swimming has improved quite markedly. I love swimming outside – you turn your head to breathe and see the open sky above you: can’t beat it. I was already a runner of sorts (one or two gentle runs each week for years and years). My cycling was only recreational and I still do not really know how to cycle fast – and consequently I am terribly slow. The joy that is retirement has intervened, so now the possibilities for training are endless – and have led to aches, injuries and also quite a few events and consequent medals. Triathlon is a real individual sport but with the tri club, it is also so supportive and collaborative. 


Head Coach - Steve Cooke

BTF Level 2 Coach

Ex-Professional / GB yachtsman and Outward bound instructor / Mountain leader,  I took up racing triathlon in 2005. Over the years I have raced distances from sprint to Ironman in the UK and overseas. As   a club coach, I have used all my past experience to coach many different level of athletes from complete beginners and international age groups of all ages. As well as my work with STC, I work on the Triathlon England regional committee as the Junior Series Coordinator and IRC team manager / Coach and also currently head coach at Southampton University Triathlon Club.
I get a real buzz working with athletes in the club and look forward to seeing their effort and smiling faces.

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Membership Secretary - Liz Carter

I joined Southampton tri club in June 2012 barely able to swim two lengths and less than 18 months later I did the Portsmouth 2k pier to pier sea swim in just over one hour. With swimming it really does pay to be able to train regularly and to be so expertly coached.

I did my first ever duathlon (novice) in March 2013 and triathlon (also novice) the following month and have been utterly addicted ever since. Invariably last, I have the best time and love pretty much every minute of every event I've ever done, but I especially love that feeling of complete achievement when you cross the finish line.
My current favourite distance is the half ironman as it offers me plenty of time to really enjoy the event; having moments of moving meditation during the swim, singing show tunes on the cycle ride and snacking my way round the half marathon. Brilliant brilliant fun!!!


Club Kit - Robert DempsteR


I joined STC in 2014, coming from a background of mainly running with the odd triathlon here and there. I've raced all distances from sprint to ironman, although I tend to do better in the long ones. I've never been a great swimmer, but I still love it and at least I'm no longer the absolute last person out of the water! I also enjoy duathlon and qualified for the world championships in 2016. One of the best things about triathlon though is working on your weaknesses, so I will keep trying with the swimming. I qualified as a Level 1 triathlon coach in 2015 and lead some informal run sessions when I can. I joined the STC committee in 2016 and can help with any kit needs from club members.


Club Website - Oliver Thompson

I joined the Southampton tri club after making the decision to stay in Southampton following my university graduation. I was welcomed with open arms and was hooked ever since my first race in 2014. Not long after this, I was nominated to join the committee.


Club Officer - Paul Edmonds

BTF Level 2 Coach

Paul completed his first multisport event in 2003 as a credible way of taking a break from his final year study at University. After a 10 year absence from Triathlon, he returned to race some local New Forest events before joining STC in 2013. Since then, he has qualified for GB Age Group, and competed at the World and European Championships in Olympic and Middle Distance. In 2016, Paul will join the other club coaches on completion of BTF Level 2 in April.


Club Officer - Darryl Markus-Hanks

BTF Level 2 Coach

Introducing myself Darryl Marcus-Hanks.  I did my first triathlon (and pretty much the first event in the UK) way back in 1982.  Doing half the swim breaststroke and using a borrowed race bike I actually did quite well coming somewhere around 10th.  However I enjoyed the event so much that over the next few years I entered more of these events and started training specifically for triathlon.  Eventually in 1986 I was nominated to race the then World Championships at Nice; 4000m swim, 75mile bike into the maritime alps finishing with a 20mile run up and down the Bays des Anges.  Unfortunately I did not have a good race my swim and bike where rubbish although I did have a great run.  I subsequently also race the World Champs in 1987 and 1989.  Then in 1987 I was approached by the Southampton City Council who wanted myself and a small group of like-minded people to set up the Southampton Triathlon Club.  During the 90’s I raced several Age Group World Champs and won a gold medal at the Home Countries Championships and overall got better at the sport.  Over the years I have held most of the club’s offices including three separate terms as Chairman.  I would like to say I am proud of my achievements in this sport but my best moment was in 1994 when the club surprised me by giving me a certificate for Life Membership to our club.  Due to injuries I was forced to stop competing in 1997.  I am now embarking on a long term come back – which might take a few years.


BTF Level 2 Coach - Jo Haley

I took up triathlon at uni in Loughborough after injuring myself running. I swam as a kid so that was fine but it took me a while to get any cycling legs. Since then I've raced every distance up to Iron man with 70.3 being my favorite and most successful distance.

In 2015, I finally raced at the 70.3 World Championships. With it being held in Europe, it was therefore within my budget for the first time. This year I intend to step out of my comfort zone by trying a different type of multisport event - a swim/ run Ötillo type race in snowdonia.

I love triathlon as it's so inclusive and friendly. It doesn't matter whether you're fast or slow or like long or short distances - everyone is welcome and everyone is respected for achieving whatever it is they have set out to achieve.


BTF Level 2 Coach - Huw Fryer



BTF LEVEL 3 COACH - Mike Ballard